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coach registration

All returning and new recreational coaches must register for every season. There is no registration fee for coaches. You can find the link to SPRING 2013 online registration for coaches here.

FWYSA covers the registration fee to North Texas, so coach registration is free. Returning coaches must use their existing username and password.

If you do not remember your login information, click here to email Dale Story. New coaches will create a new account. All coaches must also have a valid and current Criminal Background Check.


Background Check

All new coaches must complete the on-line Criminal Background Check. Returning coaches will need to complete the Background Check if their previous one has expired.

When you register for the upcoming season, Got Soccer should send you a prompt if your Background Check has expired.

Your coach profile (UserName: xxxx) requires a valid background check and approval.

Your club/home associaton will be unable to assign you to a team until the approval is granted by your state organization.Please log in and submit a background check report.

Click here to access the login page; Then click on Background Checks from the menu bar.

Click Here More Information on Coach Registration and Profiles in GotSoccer

Forms and Documents

Certificate of Liability Insurance Request - if the URL has changed, look for the Insurance tab on the North Texas Soccer web site ( The information for your Association is: Fort Worth Youth Soccer; Dale Story; Exec. Dir.; 817.681.2532; 817.923.1548; and Email the completed form to me; I will forward it to North Texas; and then forward back to you once North Texas has completed the request.

Coaches' Code of Conduct

Game Report, Spring 2013 -- Excel or PDF

Guest Player Release for Tournament

Additional North Texas Soccer Forms

Referee Payments System, Spring 2013

Release and Consent for Medical Treatment

Tournament of Champions - Memo to Coaches

Tournament of Champions - Commitment to Play Form

Where to Sit?
Home team will sit on the north or west side of the field. Visiting team will sit on the East or South (“VES”) side of the field.

Scheduling requests are limited to avoiding direct conflicts (as best as possible) for a head coach of two teams, and one Bye for teams U7 and above. No scheduling requests for specific times. Scheduling requests need to be made online when the coach registers for the specific season

Please remember that the office will announce to all coaches when official rosters are available. You will find your official roster in your team account. Select Team Profile, than Documents. The most recent roster is listed first. Be certain that it is the current season. It will be a .pdf file with the North Texas Soccer and US Youth Soccer logos at the top--and the signature of the FWYSA Registrar at the bottom. Any other lists of players are not official and possibly inaccurate

All decisions regarding team formation, player placements, and coach assignments are made by the respective commissioners

Team Photos

FWYSA has contracted TSS Photography to provide team and individual photography.

Their web site is and their phone number is 817.251.8251.

To schedule your team for photos: point your browser to; select Picture Day Information, than Fort Worth Youth Soccer--Picture Day Splash Page; and under Links, sepect the appropriate Picture Day Schedule.



Fort Youth Soccer has partnered with both Game On Arena Sports & Carey's Sports to offer the latest in uniform options and kits.

\Orders typically take up to two weeks for delivery, so be sure to place your orders immediately upon receipt of your roster.

Click Here for Flyer for Game On Uniform Promotions


All U4-U8 teams receive participation trophies.

In U9-U14, only 1st and 2nd place teams receive trophies. In these divisions, Got Soccer must show that your team is guaranteed a particular place before your trophies will be released.

The coach (or a team representative) must pick up the trophies for the entire team.

Articles and Literature

Why "Small-Sided" Games? - An excellent article from Gary Williamson, Coaching Director for North Texas State Soccer, on "small-sided" games can be found at the North Texas Web Site and is titled "A Little on the Small Side."

Footy 4 Kids - A great Web site for practices and player development

Coaching 6, 7, and 8 Year Olds: Incorporating Micro Soccer - Tony Waiters, Bobby Howe, Bob Dunn

Soccer Made Easy - Shaun Green

Coaching Soccer 6 - 10 Year Olds- Giuliano Rusca

Win or Lose: A Guide to Sports Parenting- Dan Saferstein