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player registration

Registration is now closed. we will begin registering for the Spring in November.

Online registration is the most efficient, accurate, and timely means to register. You will be registered immediately (though not rostered until the commissioner does so--and in late registration, your credit card is not charged until you are rostered). All your information will be available to your commissioner just as you entered it. Returning players must use their existing player account log-in. Do not create a duplicate account. New players will create their initial account. Be sure to register from the program link above. Do not register from your player profile account.

Registration General Information,Fall 2014
Fees and Prices, Fall 2014
Registration Form, Fall 2014
Playing Age Chart, 2014-2015
Calendar, Fall 2014
Team Formation and Player Placement
FWYSA Rules: Complete and Summary
Players that become 3 years old after July 31 and before Dec. 31 may register for the upcoming Spring season. However, they will need to do so manually--mailing a hard copy of the registration form along with a copy of their birth certificate and a check for the fee. Be certain to do so well before the deadline.
Academy Registration. You must first be registered recreational (either rostered or unrostered--email if you are not sure of the difference). Once that has been done, you need to let me know that you would like your Academy registration paperwork. I will reply with the necessary information. As with all recreational registrations, this is a confidential transaction between FWYSA and the individual families. A third-party cannot handle the registration--only the family. Thanks for your cooperation.
Academy Tournament Rosters. In order to sign an Academy Tournament Roster, I must see and verify the current and complete Academy Registration form of every player on that roster.
Filing a Medical Insurance Claim, Information and Forms. If the url should ever change, look for Forms, Insurance Forms, on the North Texas Soccer site (


Games are scheduled for Saturdays until all are exhausted. If necessary (no more available Saturdays), we will use weekdays during DST and Sundays beginning at 1pm. The coach (typically a volunteer parent) of each team will choose uniforms, select a practice location, and determine dates, times, and number of practices per week. Often, the coach does consult with the other parents regarding practices, etc.

Field Maps

Benbrook (U4-U8) (U11-U14)
West Side (U9-U10)

Code of Ethics

Each player in FWYSA is held to the highest standard of sportsmanship. We demand each player to follow the Code of Ethics set forth by FWYSA. If any player, coach or parent breaks their respective Code of Ethics, they will be expected to attend a FWYSA A&D hearing.

Player Code of Ethics

Parent Code of Ethics

Fort Worth Youth Soccer Association is dedicated to the development of the young soccer players within the organization both physically and socially. Our goal is to deliver the highest level of sportsmanship and training by providing our athletes top-level coaching, officiating and association control.

However, we are only can go so far. It is up to the parents themselves to continue what we have started. We, as an Association, hold our parents to the same level of conduct as we do our coaches, staff and officials.

Parents' Code of Conduct

Dan Saferstein, Win or Lose: A Guide to Sports Parenting
Dr. Saferstein conducted a workshop on this book at the North Texas Semi-Annual General Meeting


All refunds are partial. All refunds are issued via checks. We do not apply fees from one season to another season. FWYSA is responsible for certain fees the moment a player is registered. While the rostering of a player may be cancelled, the fees cannot be cancelled.
All requests for refunds must be submitted via email to the office ( The current Calendar has the deadline dates.

Outside FWYSA Territory

Players outside of FWYSA Territory will need to fill out a release form from their home association. FWYSA players wanting to transfer to another association will also need a completed release form.

Player Release Form--found on the North Texas Soccer web site ( under Youth Forms.